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Natural Bird Food

Indoor birds need high quality food to maintain good general health, and feeding your feathered friends a variety of natural bird food will provide them with enrichment and mental stimulation too.

Variety for your pet bird

Pet birds will appreciate a combination of a high quality commercial food and some natural foods in their diet in the form of fresh fruit, vegetables, seeding grasses, native flowers, greenstuffs, etc., that are all appropriate and safe for their particular bird species. We stock a great range of natural bird food for budgies, canaries, parrots and parakeets, and more – from the very best manufacturers. High quality feed ensures that feathers, beaks and general health will be maintained in peak condition, which is very important, especially during moulting.

Carefully blended ingredients

Because it is vitally important that our pet birds receive exactly the right dietary nutrients, the varieties of natural bird food we sell have been created by avian dietary experts. Many of the mixes also contain added vitamins and minerals to keep  birds strong and healthy throughout all the stages of their lives.

From delicious mixes of seeds, nuts and fruit to be fed daily, to long-lasting oven baked sticks that can be fixed in their aviary to keep your pet occupied, these  bird food gourmet mixes for your feathered friends are certain to keep them both healthy and happy. Which is great news for all our beautiful pet birds!

Take a look at our Natural Bird Treat section for more tasty treats to keep your feathered pet motivated!


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