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Natural Bird Treats

Keep your pet bird’s mind occupied and their tummy satisfied by treating them to one (or more!) of our stimulating natural bird treats. Many of these boredom-busting treats are suitable for attaching inside the aviary so your feathered friend can peck and nibble at them whenever they want. Watch their excitement as your pet works busily removing and enjoying each of the delicious fruits and seeds. Long-lasting, tasty and nutritious, they’re a natural, healthy treat and a great supplement to their normal diet.

Natural, beneficial ingredients

Made from the very best quality blends of seeds, nuts and fruits, our natural bird treats deliver a natural, tasty addition to your bird’s diet. As well as treats made from a wide variety of seeds and nuts – and the addition of fruit and honey in some of them, we also stock high quality dried banana treats. A great source of fibre and potassium, all large  birds will love these and they can also be added to their usual daily food.

Fun and tasty natural bird treats

Birds love to forage, so hiding food around their home can keep them occupied. You can hide food under items in, such as toys or bowls, but do remember to change toys or treats regularly, because birds can become bored with the same things, just as we do.

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