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Cat feeding utensils

Cat Feeding Utensils

Our cat feeding utensils range includes a selection of high quality cat bowls and cat food scoops, including biodegradable options. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and material, but they’re all tough enough to withstand the feeding time of even the most excitable cat!

The utensils you choose for pet feeding are a personal choice so we have lots of options! You may want dishwasher safe utensils that save you the time and effort of scrubbing off your pet food. Whether you or your feline friend prefer stainless steel, ceramic, plastic or biodegradable options, we have the right product for you.


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Beco Biodegradable Food Scoop – Blue


Beco Biodegradable Food Scoop – Natural


Beco Scoop Biodegradable Food Scoop – Pink


Beco Spork

71A9 EBqbuL. AC SL1500

Beco Travel Bowl Small


Fuzzyard Featherstorm Melamine Cat Bowl


Fuzzyard Sushi Delight Melamine Cat Bowl

LM Soother Cat withpackaging

LickiMat Classic Soother Mat for Cats


Lickimat Felix Orange