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Cat feeding utensils

Cat Feeding Utensils

Our cat feeding utensils range includes a selection of high quality cat bowls and cat food scoops, including biodegradable options. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and material, but they’re all tough enough to withstand the feeding time of even the most excitable cat!

The utensils you choose for pet feeding are a personal choice so we have lots of options! You may want dishwasher safe utensils that save you the time and effort of scrubbing off your pet food. Whether you or your feline friend prefer stainless steel, ceramic, plastic or biodegradable options, we have the right product for you.

Cat Bowls

Our cat bowl range includes standard cat bowls and travel cat bowls for your cat’s food and water. They’re all tough and durable, but travel cat bowls have the added advantage of taking up less space and being easy to pack away when you’re traveling or staying somewhere with less space.

Cat Food Scoops

Cat food scoops are essential for dispensing just the right amount of dry food for your cat, but when you’re dealing with wet food, few cat feeding utensils can match the versatility and usefulness of a spork! The spork combines all the best features of a spoon and a fork and is ideal for scooping, impaling, mashing and scraping wet cat food from tins—often a difficult and messy job!

Biodegradable cat feeding utensils

Most of us are more eco-conscious these days and making an effort to reduce waste by reusing, recycling and trying to use more sustainable and responsibly-sourced products, so we offer biodegradable cat feeing utensils that are sturdy and useful but won’t pollute the environment or take forever to degrade—and they’re made from recycled materials. Our biodegradable feeding utensils include bowls, travel bowls and that most useful of implements, the spork!

We also have a great range of natural cat toys to keep your cat amused and comforted.


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