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Natural Dry Cat Food

Natural Dry Cat Food

As a caring cat owner, the natural dry cat food you choose will be important to you. You understand that a healthy diet contributes to your cat’s health and you may be concerned about the ingredients in your cat’s food. Perhaps they have a favourite dry food, but a look at the packaging shows it’s full of artificial additives?

That’s why you need to find your cat’s new favourite food amongst our range of natural dry cat food.

When you buy natural cat food, you know it’s:

  • Free of artificial flavourings
  • Free of artificial colours
  • Free of artificial preservatives
  • Free of artificial binding agents
  • Free of artificial fillers

And it is usually free of GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients too.

The benefits of natural dry cat food

The all-natural ingredients in natural dry cat food mean you will have a better idea of the source of those ingredients and won’t have to interpret mysterious chemical names and E numbers, wondering all the time how good or bad they might be for your cat!

Natural dry cat food means simple dry cat food, with ingredients you can recognise and trust. This can be really important if your cat is allergic to any artificial additives or intolerant to any artificial additives, as you won’t have to check the ingredients list to see if they might be hiding there under a different name or number. All the ingredients in our cat foods come from natural meat or plant sources.


  • Most natural cat food is healthy, but always check the ingredients list for salt, sugars and fats, particularly if they’re added ingredients. Many of these are natural substances, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for your cat in high quantities!
  • Natural doesn’t necessarily mean hypoallergenic. Many natural foods will still contain meats, dairy, lactose, eggs, soya, grains or gluten that may be a problem for your cat. These natural foods are all common allergens.
  • Natural food isn’t guaranteed ethically or sustainably sourced unless it says so, so look for these guarantees on the packaging or product listing if you’re concerned. Natural food ingredients may be sourced from unsustainable or intensive farming, and the food may not always be prepared or packaged in a sustainable manner.

If your cat prefers wet food or you want to provide variety, we also stock a wide range of natural wet cat food.


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