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Natural Kitten Food

Natural Kitten Food

Kittens need extra care and attention—and so do their diets! Kittens do a lot of growing and developing in a very short time, and this means their nutritional needs and the natural kitten food required are different to those of an adult cat.

The best natural kitten food should:

  • Contain the right balance of nutrients for a kitten’s growth and development needs
  • Include all the right vitamins and minerals a kitten needs to support the healthy development of their bones and organs, including their heart, liver, kidneys and brains
  • Be nutrient and calorie-dense, ensuring all the energy and essential nutrients your kitten needs are delivered in a portion size suitable for a kitten’s smaller tummy!
  • Be easy for your kitten to digest, as kitten’s digestive systems are still developing and work differently to that of adult cats.
  • Be delicious!

Why is natural kitten food the best choice?

Natural kitten food should contain all-natural ingredients—that means that all the ingredients should come from natural sources, and there should be no artificial flavours, colours, binders, fillers or preservatives. That’s good news for your kitten, because just like human children, they thrive best if they avoid highly processed ‘junk food’ packed with artificial additives.

Kitten’s tummies are small, and they only have room for the nutrients and calories they need—there’s no space to spare for ingredients that doesn’t deliver all the essential nutrients they need to grow into a strong, healthy, happy cat!

My cat is too old for their natural kitten food. What next?

Good nutrition is important right the way through your cat’s life, helping them to stay healthy and live to a ripe old age! Natural food is a great choice for your cat at whatever stage of life they’re at, so we have a wide range of natural cat food for your mature cat too.


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