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Natural wet cat food

Natural Wet Cat Food

If you care about your cat’s health, you will care about their diet because you understand the impact it can have. And if you care about your cat’s diet, then you will also care about exactly what’s in their food.  Natural wet cat food is the first choice for many pet owners.

When you choose a natural wet cat food, you can be confident that all the ingredients come from natural meat or plant sources, without any of the artificial additives found in many cat foods.

Natural wet cat food is:

  • Free of artificial flavourings
  • Free of artificial colours
  • Free of artificial preservatives
  • Free of artificial binding agents
  • Free of artificial fillers

Natural pet food is also usually free of GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients, but check the packaging or product listing if this is a concern.

Three benefits of natural wet cat food

  • There’s no need to look up E numbers or chemical names to discover what they are and what effect they might have on your cat
  • Ideal for cats allergic to any artificial additives, taking the guesswork out of choosing a safe cat food
  • You can recognise and trust all the ingredients, which is important if your cat has digestive issues, or allergies or intolerances to natural ingredients like grains, soya, dairy or specific meats sensitivities.

Choosing your cat’s food

Natural wet cat food is always the best choice, and usually very healthy. However, always check the ingredients, as salt, sugars and fats may natural, but are not good for your cat in high quantities—and they shouldn’t be added to a recipe.

If your cat is allergic to certain meats, dairy, lactose, eggs, soya, grains or gluten, check your pet’s food doesn’t contain these or opt for a hypoallergenic cat food.  And if ethical or sustainable sourcing is important to you, check the packaging or product listing for your chosen natural food to see if it ticks all your boxes. Natural doesn’t necessarily mean ethically or sustainably sourced; natural ingredients may still be the product of unsustainable or intensive farming.

If your cat prefers dry food or you just like to mix it up a little for them, we also stock a wide range of natural dry cat food.


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