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Natural Cat Toys

Cats are naturally curious and active animals, so it’s essential that when they’re kept as domestic pets, they have a stimulating environment that encourages them to use their mind and body. This is where cat toys come in to their own, and our range of natural cat toys give you the assurance that your cat is playing with something made from safe, natural, non-toxic materials.

Catnip is a natural, low-calorie ingredient that most cats love, so our catnip toys are bound to get their attention!  We also have soft and interactive toys to keep your cat entertained, stimulated or comforted.

Natural cat toys for scratchers

Scratching is a natural cat behaviour and by providing your cat with a toy they can exercise their claws on, you may be saving yourself a fortune in furniture and soft furnishings!

Natural cat toys for chasers

Chasing and pouncing are core traits of a cat’s natural hunting behaviour. Their natural prey, such as rodents, move quickly—so cats are attracted to things that bounce and move at speed! It’s not surprising that some cats will stay entertained for hours by toys that catch their eye and move quickly. Our toys for chasers include catnip wand toys from Beco, which are available in a variety of fun animal designs. These cute animals are made from all-natural or recycled materials and stuffed with enticing catnip. They’re attached to a wooden wand with elasticated string, allowing you to pull them along the ground or bounce them around, providing endless amusement for your cat (at least, until you run out of energy!).

Natural cat toys for cuddlers

Some cats like nothing better than a toy they can cuddle up to or sleep with when it’s naptime. Our selection of soft cat toys that make ideal cuddly companions. The all-natural materials mean you don’t have to worry about your cat coming into contact with harmful or toxic materials.

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