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Catnip cat toys

Catnip Cat Toys

Truly irresistible catnip cat toys

Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family that sends cats crazy with excitement. In fact, very few felines are capable of resisting its alluring appeal! Catnip is a natural product and totally safe for cats. It’s believed that the odour of catnip mimics feline pheromones, so cats are aroused by the smell and exhibit “catnip crazy” behaviour – the effect is only temporary and typically wears off after a few minutes, but it does however, make catnip cat toys a firm favourite for keeping cats entertained.

Adds an extra dimension

Filling a plush toy with just a touch of catnip will make it totally irresistible to felines. Better still, when the toy is also stuffed with recycled fibre material, it’s kinder to the environment too. What’s not to love?


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