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chase cat toys

Chase Cat Toys

Highly entertaining chase cat toys

Bring out the hunter in your cat with an exciting chase cat toy. Providing hours of entertainment, chase cat toys are a great way to initiate interactive play with your favourite feline. It will stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts and provide them with plenty of exercise. A perfect toy for all cats, but indoor cats in particular will benefit from the intense play and excitement that a chase cat toy will bring. Brightly coloured fun characters at the end of the elastic bungee combined with irresistible catnip will add to their enjoyment!

Eco-friendly materials

We source the most environmentally friendly toys that we possibly can. Tough, recycled soft toy coverings and fibre filling made from recycled plastic bottles are the kind of things we at The Natural Pet Store look for so that all our pets can have lots of fun, whilst not damaging the planet.


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