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Healthcare Cat Treats

Natural Healthcare Cat Treats

Satisfyingly tasty natural healthcare cat treats

Delicious cat treats which will naturally benefit your cat’s health and well-being, and will also tempt them to come back for more – never has feeding your cat healthcare products been easier!

We have a range of healthcare cat treats specially formulated to treat and assist with a variety of issues, such as calming treats to reduce stress and treats to address urinary tract issues, which are unfortunately quite common in felines. Crunchy treats also help remove plaque and stimulate the gums, essential for dental health. As you would expect, our natural healthcare cat treats have absolutely nothing artificial added and include only safe and gentle ingredients. This makes them ideal for felines suffering with allergies or those with delicate stomachs. Using only 100% natural products, such as herbal mixtures and healing hemp, you can be sure that these quality natural healthcare treats will deliver many health benefits.


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True Hemp Senior Cat Treats 50g


True Hemp Urinary Tract Cat Treat 50g