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Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses for extra security and comfort

A dog harness gives you more control over your pet than a traditional collar, and if you have a pooch that pulls, a harness will eradicate the strain on their neck and prevent them choking. Whether you’re dealing with a lively puppy that needs training, or an older dog that finds traditional collars restrictive, a dog harness can prove to be an effective alternative.

Some dogs simply dislike any kind of collar or restraint around their neck. They may even be able to work a collar off their neck. If a harness is fitted properly and is the right size and style for the dog, it is more difficult to wriggle out of than a simple collar. A harness is particularly good for recently adopted rescue dogs, unused to a lead and possibly nervous, as it will hold them more securely, yet not feel as restrictive and frightening  as a collar. If you intend to use a doggy seatbelt in the car, a harness is an easy way to attach the seatbelt to the dog, to hold them securely so they can travel in safety.

A style to suit every dog

Our dog harnesses come in many different styles and are easy to fit. There are harnesses with extra padding for added comfort, no-fuss step-into harnesses for even quicker and easier fitting and extra tough ones to suit even the strongest of dogs. High quality materials, such as breathable airmesh, neoprene and tough woven nylon, and great standards of manufacture, make our selection of harnesses one of the best around. We know you (and your dog) will agree!

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Sale! Doodlebone Airmesh Dog Harness

Airmesh Harness


Bold Range Padded Harness

FZH357 61 Harness CandyHearts Front 2000x

FuzzYard – Candy Hearts Harness

FZHS303 8 StepinHarness CandyHearts Front 2000x

FuzzYard – Candy Hearts Step In Harness

FZH387 91 Harness ExtraDonutstrial Front 2000x

FuzzYard – Extradonutrial Harness

FZHS291 6 StepInHarness Prism Front 2000x

FuzzYard – Prism Step In Harness


Neo-flex Harness


Snappy Mesh Harness


Toughie Harness


X-Over Harness