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We all want to be responsible dog owners. The Natural Pet Store offer a range of Dog poo bags which are Eco-friendly making us all help save the planet.

Dog Poo Bags

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Beco Bags 270 Mint Scented Value Pack


Beco Bags 60 Mint Scented Travel Pack

Beco Bags Eco Pack 270's

Beco Bags Eco 270’s

Beco Bags Eco Compostable 60's

Beco Bags Eco Compostable 60’s


Beco Bags Multi 8×15 Mint Scented


Beco Bags with Handles 120

Eco Friendly Bamboo Poo / Poop Bag Dispenser for Dogs. Making poo picking even more responsible for the environment. Available from The Natural Pet Store.

Beco Pocket – Eco Friendly Bamboo Poo Poop Bag Dispenser