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Dog Blankets

Beautifully soft dog blankets to snuggle into

For the ultimate in canine comfort! Incredibly soft and luxurious, your best friend will love cuddling down into their very own dog blanket. Just perfect for tucking into your dog’s bed or crate to make them feel warm, comfortable and safe. Many dogs like to arrange their own bedding before they settle down, and a special doggy blanket will satisfy that need.

Quality and durability

Generously sized and made from the very best materials, all our soft dog blankets are strong, durable and easy to care for. Available in a variety of colours, to match or contrast the colours of your dog’s own bed. All machine washable,  which means they will stay clean and hygienic.

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fzbr123 5 reversiblebed biscayne 1 2000x

Biscayne Reversible Dog Bed – By Fuzzyard

Anti Bacterial Grey Duvet

Danish Design Anti-bacterial Deluxe Dog Duvet

danish design fatface fleece check deep duvet dog beds bowls danish designs 412939 532x532 1

Danish Design FatFace Fleece Check – Deep Duvet

flying birds duvet 1 2000x

Danish Design Fatface Flying Birds Duvet Dog Bed

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Danish Design Happy Landings Deep Dog Duvet

Sale! fatfaceflyingbirdsdeluxeslumberbed 480x

FatFace Flying Birds Dog Bed – By Danish Design

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Retreat Eco-Wellness Feather Navy/Stone Duvet

Shaggy Silver Pooch Pod

Shaggy Silver Pooch Pad


Snuggle Blankets Aqua 100 x 145cm