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Dog Duvets

Versatile and practical dog duvets

Dog duvets are great for all breeds, large or small, but especially for those pooches who like to stretch out on their beds! Dog duvets provide ample room for your dog to sleep and they are also extremely versatile. Dog duvets can be used on their own as a great lounger style bed, or are also good for use as a mattress or cushion in a dog crate or plastic dog bed.

Our dog duvets are fully machine washable which makes caring for them really simple. You can either remove the outer covers to wash them or wash the complete bed if required.

Fabulous fabrics and fillings

As you would expect from The Natural Pet Store, the dog duvets we offer for sale have been carefully selected for quality and durability. The materials used to make the beds are typically quality plush or faux fur so are very warm and comfortable, not only that but the fillings are quite unique too. We have duvet style dog beds with filled with 100% recycled memory foam crumb filling, which moulds to your dog’s body, providing them with optimum support and comfort.  This enhanced support is perfect for elderly or infirm dogs, but can help any dog needing extra support, including larger breeds or pets with joint problems.

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