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Dog feeding utensils

Dog Feeding Utensils

Dish up the finest doggy dinners with our natural dog feeding utensils!

The finest natural dog food deserves serving up with equally fine natural dog feeding utensils, and here at The Natural Pet Store, we have the best of the bunch.

Biodegradable Utensils

Away with the non-degradable polluting plastics, here are some utensils made with eco-friendly materials. How about a dog bowl made from bamboo and rice husk?

The only plastics in the utensils we sell are biodegradable – once it has reached the end of its natural life, it will degrade in landfill after 3-5 years, leaving absolutely no trace of synthetic waste.

Well designed and manufactured items to serve your pet’s dinner look good and are very durable. Talking about dog food, why not take a look at the fabulous range we have available in our Natural Dog Food section?

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