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Natural Puppy Food

Like human babies, puppies need extra care and attention, and what’s suitable for adult dogs isn’t always suitable for them. They have different nutritional needs than their parents, and a diet that’s designed to support them as they rapidly grow and develop in the first year of their life. That’s why the need a high-quality, natural puppy food!

A good natural puppy food will:

  • Taste delicious!
  • Be complete and nutritionally balanced to support your puppy’s growth and development needs
  • Include the right vitamins and minerals to support the healthy development of your puppy’s bones and organs, including their heart, liver, kidneys and brains
  • Deliver all the energy and nutrients your puppy needs in a small portion size—and in the form of small kibble or chunks that tiny mouths can manage!
  • Be easily digestible, as your puppy’s digestive system will still be developing.

The benefits of natural puppy food

Natural puppy food should be free from any artificial additives, including colours, preservatives, fillers and flavourings. Most natural food will also be free of genetically modified ingredients.

This is best for your puppy because there are no empty calories—and because like human children, they thrive best if they avoid food packed with artificial additives, which they may develop an intolerance to.

Your puppy’s tummy is small, so it’s important that they only use that space for the nutrient-rich food they need to grow into a happy, healthy dog!

Moving on from puppy food

Most puppy food is suitable until your puppy is one year old, but always check the guidelines provided by the manufacturer (and follow advice from your vet if it differs). Good nutrition is important throughout your dog’s life, helping them to stay healthy and live to a ripe old age! That means that natural food is the best choice for them at any age, so once they’re past their puppy months, we recommend looking at our wide range of natural dog food.

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