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Dog Brushes & Combs

The act of grooming your dog should be an enjoyable experience for you both. As well as making your pet look smart by removing excess hair and any tangles or knots, top notch grooming dog brushes and combs will work effectively, making grooming easier and less stressful for your pet. Gently brushing and combing your dog’s fur will also help with the bonding process and get them used to being touched. All dogs need to be groomed to keep their coats in fabulous condition, and a gentle introduction to brushing and combing will ensure that your best friend finds being groomed a pleasure rather than something that has to be endured. It will definitely reduce your stress levels too!

Innovative grooming products

Great quality dog brushes and combs are essential to get the best from any grooming session, and it is just as important to buy the right product to suit your dog. Just as there are different size dog grooming brushes and combs to suit all breeds of dogs, there are also those especially designed to deal with long or shorter length coats. Regular brushing will tease out any matted fur and also make it easier to check for any hidden lumps, bumps or injuries. Following on afterwards with a comb will help find any tangles you may have missed.

Brushing also massages the skin, improving circulation and distributing the natural oils throughout the coat. Modern grooming tools now come in innovative new designs, some combining brushes and massagers in one.

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