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Other Natural Grooming Products

Additional Natural Grooming Products for that extra boost

Here at The Natural Pet Store, we don’t just stop at shampoos and conditioners to keep your dog looking in tip top shape, we have many other natural grooming products on offer to really make your pooches appearance ‘the best on the block’!

Natural care from nose to tail

From caring for their paws, ears, nails, noses, elbows, teeth, and more, you can trust our all-natural formulations to treat your pet gently and effectively when and where they need it the most. Using only completely natural ingredients with absolutely nothing artificial added, many of the products utilise the power of 100% pure essential oils. Why not pamper your dog with some of our natural shampoos and conditioners, followed up with one of our other natural grooming products (or two!), to create your pet’s very own ‘doggy spa’ at home?

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