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Tick Removal Products

Roll on spring and summer: relaxing sunny days, warmer weather and long countryside walks with your dog – just perfect! Unfortunately this time of year is also the time when insect pests like fleas and ticks appear. Ticks are small creatures that are closely related to spiders and can be found lurking in grassy areas, such as fields and meadows. It’s a good idea to check your dog for ticks after every walk – run your hands over their body and head to feel for any small unusual lumps and bumps, especially on the head, neck, ears, groin, feet and armpits. Ticks aren’t just bloodsucking pests; they can also carry some nasty diseases. UK ticks can carry Lyme disease caused by bacteria, which affects both muscle and nerve cells.

Flea and tick treatments to repel these nasty little pests can be obtained from your vet, but if your dog still manages to pick up a tick, then you should remove it straight away with one of the specially designed tick removal products. This will ensure the tick is removed cleanly, without tearing the tick or breaking it and leaving the head in which could spread an infection via the bite wound.

Effective tick removal products

It’s always useful to have a tick remover handy if you live in a rural area, have a garden that’s visited by wildlife (foxes and hedgehogs can carry and pass on ticks), or frequently take your dog walking in the countryside. The Natural Pet Store have a selection of tick removal products for sale. They are an essential item for every dog’s first aid box.

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Mikki Easy Grooming Tick Picker

Mikki Easy Grooming Tick Picker