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treat dispensing dog toys

Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

For hours of rewarding fun

Treat dispensing dog toys are designed to provide mental stimulation for your dog as well as providing safe and long-lasting entertainment. They are an ideal way to ease boredom in dogs, and reduce the risk of destructive behaviour. Both physically and mentally challenging, treat dispensing toys will initiate your dog’s natural instincts to work for their food. Once the toy is stuffed with tasty treats, your dog then has to use its brain to work out how to get the rewards – a great way to keep them occupied! A busy dog is a happy dog!

Challenging on different levels

There are several types of treat dispensing toys to choose from, from simple wobbling treat balls to more complex, connectable treat dispensers in different sizes, so there’s something to suit all canines.

Treats with healthy benefits

We have suitable treats to stuff the treat dispensing dog toys with in our Natural Dog Treat Section. As you would expect from The Natural Pet Store, these treats have been specially chosen because they are packed with natural ingredients, and some are formulated to improve oral health by removing plaque and tartar.

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Rosewood Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

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Rosewood Groovy Ball