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Natural Baked Dog Treats

Expertly cooked natural baked dog treats

Delicious baked dog treats are slowly oven-baked to seal in and preserve the meat flavours with a crunchy texture your dog will love. Keep a pack or two of treats in your cupboard for any time your dog deserves a  tasty reward, or any time you want to get his tail wagging for a delicious snack.

Naturally baked to perfection

Natural baked dog treats are ideal for using as a training aid when you are out and about with your dog. Having a dry texture means they won’t make a mess in your pocket. Larger treats can be broken into smaller pieces for convenience. Baked dog treats are a great reward for teaching a successful recall on walks – the delicious meaty flavour is irresistible!   Equally, some of the toys in our Natural Dog Toy Section make great recall rewards, and after the training has finished, they’re just the thing for a game of fetch!

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£3.49 or subscribe and save 5%
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