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Natural Healthcare Dog Treats

Natural dog treats with healthy benefits

Tasty dog treats that naturally benefit your dog’s health and well-being AND will have them eagerly coming back for more – that’s what we have on offer here at The Natural Pet Store!

We have a wide range of natural healthcare dog treats specially formulated to treat and assist with a variety of issues, such as calming treats to reduce stress and anxiety and dental treats to freshen breath and promote dental health. As you would expect, our natural healthcare dog treats have absolutely nothing artificial added and include only safe and gentle ingredients. This makes them ideal for dogs suffering with allergies, pancreatitis, liver/kidney disease or diabetes. Many of the healthcare dog treats are low in fat, so are good for canines that need to lose weight.

A variety of tasty choices

There are meat based treats and vegetarian options too. Vitamin and mineral rich, to boost the immune system and promote a healthy skin and glossy coat. Some of our healthcare treats come in the form of chews, which are longer lasting and so they’ll also satisfy your dog’s urge to chew.

Easy to feed

Because these natural healthcare dog treats are delicious and look and smell like any other treat, you’ll have no trouble getting your pet to accept them.

We are adding to our healthcare dog treat range all the time, so please keep checking back to find more new and exciting products to boost your dog’s health!

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