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Natural Meat Dog Treats

Natural Meat Dog Treats

Nutritious and flavoursome natural meat dog treats

Dogs adore the taste of real meat. Meat is a staple ingredient in most canine diets, but it isn’t always possible to know exactly from where this has been sourced. Many of the meat treats available at The Natural Pet Store come from suppliers who are able to trace the origin of their meat products right back to the farmers who produced it. Meat that has come from farms with a commitment to high animal welfare and sustainably has to be good news for all of us.

100% Natural Meat Dog Treats – they’re naturally better

Whether you’re looking for meat dog treats large or small, we’ll have something to suit your pet. From beefy sausage and meaty stick treats to bite-sized lamb or ostrich treats, there’s sure to be a delicacy for everyone. We have even more tempting meaty treats in our Natural Bones and Body Parts Dog Chew Section. These are sure to add an extra crunchy to a tasty snack.

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ProDen Plaque Off Dental Care Bones Natural Bacon 482gm

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ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Care Bones Chicken & Pumpkin 482g