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Natural mouse food

Natural Mouse Food

In the wild, mice are usually opportunistic or omnivores; while they will eat predominantly plant-based food, many types of mouse will also eat smaller insects, other small creatures such as worms, and scraps of carrion when they get the chance. They’re not picky!
Most commercial foods made for domesticated mice focus on a herbivorous natural diet, so mouse food usually contains grains, nuts, vegetables, beans and seeds, although some do contain small quantities of meat protein. Natural mouse food with no ‘junk’ ingredients is always the best choice to keep your mouse healthy and happy.

Natural Mouse Food Should Contain:

  • A good selection of ingredients that form part of their native diet: vegetables like peas, broccoli and cabbage; grains and cereals like wheat and oats; pulses and beans; seeds such as linseed.
  • Carefully prepared ingredients that are as unprocessed as possible.
  • Plenty of fibre, as this helps to naturally wear down their teeth, which grow continually. This can prevent the need for stressful and costly trips to the vet for tooth trimming.
  • NO artificial flavours, fillers, colours or preservatives—these are not natural of necessary, so they have no place in natural mouse food.
  • NO added sugar. Mice may like the taste of sugar and sugary substances such as honey, but they have no need for them in their diet, and they can lead to dental decay and obesity.

Mouse Feeding Tips

  • Always choose a food that mimics as closely as possible what your mouse would eat in their native habitat.
  • Be wary of continually feeding them a muesli-style mix, as they may pick out their favourite parts and leave important, nutrient-rich ingredients behind, preventing them from getting a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. Pellet foods can prevent this buffet style eating.
  • Swap out your mouse’s dry natural mouse food every so often with items like boiled eggs, curly kale, berries, apples, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and tomato. You can also brighten their day with our small animal treats.

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