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Natural Rabbit Food

Natural Rabbit Food

Rabbits are naturally herbivores, so that means that your pet rabbit, just like his wild cousins, should be eating natural rabbit food with ingredients that all come from plants.
In the wild, rabbits eat grasses, seeds, fruits, vegetables and flowers, but will sometimes turn to things like twigs and pine needles in the winter when green food becomes scarcer. While they eat a lot of grass in the wild, they do so because grass isn’t that nutritious—so just like pandas with bamboo, they need to eat a great deal to get enough nutrition! Rabbit food for pet rabbits is much more nutritionally dense than grass, so your rabbit won’t need to eat a huge quantity!

What Does ‘Natural Rabbit Food’ Mean?

It sounds obvious, but if your rabbit food is labelled as natural rabbit food, then all the ingredients should be natural! That means no artificial flavours, fillers, colours or preservatives. It should also be as unprocessed as possible, carefully prepared to preserve all the flavour and nutrition of its ingredients before it is packaged for sale.
You would also expect the recipe to contains ingredients that could be found in a rabbit’s natural diet and habitat.

Food from the Field

Natural rabbit food often contains a mix of seeds, grasses, cereals, vegetables, herbs and other botanicals to add variety, interest and taste for your rabbit, as well as providing them with essential nutrients. This can include alfalfa, aniseed, Timothy hay, fenugreek, spinach, oats, peas, locust beans, thyme, beets, wheat and soy oil. Linseed oil if often added as a natural source of Omega 3, which can help to keep your rabbit’s skin healthy and their fur in good condition.

The Best Choice for your Rabbit

Natural rabbit food is the best choice for your rabbit because it should closely resemble the diet they are designed to eat, without any artificial additives that could cause them harm. For rabbits that have an allergy or intolerance to grains, grain-free rabbit food is available, and there are specially formulated foods for your baby rabbit too, plus other tasty small animal treats.


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