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Small Animal Treats

All our pets, not matter what their size, just simply adore treats! So why not spoil your pint-sized pet to some of the small animal treats we have on offer? There’s lots to choose from!

Treats to suit all kinds of small pets

Small animal treats come in variety of different forms. Whether you have a rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil, mouse, chinchilla, rat or hamster, we have something to suit all of them. Little pets need to be entertained, just like larger animals and many of the small animal treats will feed their minds as well as their tummies! The Boredom Breaker range will keep your pet occupied for hours – some of the treats such as the Double Roll, especially suited to pets that gnaw, will also clean their teeth. All rodents have teeth which grow continuously,  and so they need to chew on hard surfaces such as bark or leaves, to keep their teeth at the right length, and therefore treats that double up as gnawing toys are ideal.

Only the best quality, natural ingredients

As you would expect from The Natural Pet Store, we have selected the very best quality small animal treats.

We chose treats that were nutritionally balanced, developed by nutritional experts, and matched to your pet’s needs for protein, energy, fibre (for healthy teeth and tummies), oils (for healthy skin and glossy coats), and vitamins and minerals. All our small animal treats are made with wholesome, natural ingredients that are appropriate to each animal’s natural diet and many of them will encourage natural foraging. A great example is the Weave-a-Ball from the Naturals range. Woven from willow and filled with premium hay and meadow flowers, this natural toy will keep your pet entertained while rolling it about trying to reach the filling inside.

We also stock a great range of quality feed in our Small Animal Food section– all natural, of course! Why not take a look?


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Naturals Fragrant Parsley Bell

Naturals Fragrant Parsley Bell