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Throw Dog Toys

There’s nothing dogs love more than playing and running around. Combining these two favourite activities by throwing a ball or other throw dog toy for your pet to fetch is a great way to help them burn off all their excess energy, keeping them entertained and fit and healthy, all at the same time.

Fun with extra benefits

Throwing and fetching games with dog throw toys are a great way to exercise your best friend. It strengthens the bond between you, and has the added benefit of helping you to train your dog’s recall and ‘drop it’ commands. You can play fetch at any time, indoors or outdoors, whenever your dog needs to burn off some extra energy.

It’s fun for them to play with a variety of different dog throw toys which will provide mental stimulation as well as the physical benefits. We have a fabulous range of quality dog throw toys to choose from, so whether your dog loves a traditional bouncy ball, a dumbell that floats, a tug and fling toy or anything else that can fly through the air, then The Natural Pet Store can help!

Dog throw toys can be as much fun for people as they are for pets! They’ll get you outside with your dog and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. What’s not to love?


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