Marly & Dan Soft & Chewy Serenity Dog Treats

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This snack is a natural remedy specially formulated to help relax your dog thanks to the soothing effects of natural ingredients like camomile and valerian.

Rich in salmon, an excellent source of proteins, omega-3 and nutrients. This delicious treat supports your dog’s fitness and helps to maintain beautiful skin and fur.

Free from flavourings, colours and artificial preservatives. No added sugar. Grain-free.


Salmon pulp (50%), coconut flour (19.27% dried coconut, equivalent to 29.8% coconut), sweet potato powder (18.87% dried sweet potato, equivalent to 72.3% sweet potato), apple cider vinegar powder (0.98% dehydrated vinegar, equivalent to 14.2% cider vinegar), camomile flower (0.29%) valerian root (0.15%).

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