House of Paws Peek-A-Boo Ears Rabbit Dog Toy

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Peek-a-boo Ears Bunny Soft Dog Toy

If your dog likes rabbit dog toys, soft dog toys or both, then this bunny soft dog toy from House of Paws is the perfect choice. It’s a soft, squashable friend that your dog will find comforting when they’re settling down for a nap or just need something to cuddle. It’s also a good choice for dogs who don’t like noisy toys, as this bunny soft dog toy contains no squeaker.

The only trick it does have up its sleeve is its peek-a-boo ears! Just squeeze the middle of your bunny soft dog toy to make its ears flap upwards.

While it’s manufactured to a high standard, this bunny soft dog toy isn’t suitable for more aggressive chewers or puppies under 36 weeks. Your dog should always be supervised when playing with their toys, so that you can remove any toy immediately if it becomes damaged or parts become detached.

Composition: Outer: 100% polyester-long pile plush, Inner: 100% polyester

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