Beco Bags 60 Mint Scented Travel Pack


Beco Bags 60 Mint Scented Travel Pack

  • Super strong poop bags
  • Large size to fit even the biggest dog poo!
  • Fits standard poop bag dispensers
  • Fresh peppermint scent
  • Bags are degradable within 1 year

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Beco Bags 60 Mint Scented Travel Pack

Beco Pets is an eco-conscious company determined to do its best for your pet and the planet. This Beco Bags Travel Pack contains 60 super-strong, extra-large poop bags big enough for any dog poop, and they’re also extra-strong to prevent tearing. They will fit most standard poop bag dispensers.

Wrapped on to 4 recyclable cardboard cores, these bags are made with recyclable PET plastic with an added degrading agent—so while they’re not biodegradable, as some of Beco’s bags are, they will degrade within 2-5 years. Don’t worry, though; providing you keep them cool and dry, they won’t degrade while they’re in use!

Another bonus of the Beco Bags Travel Pack is that the bags are mint-scented to cover those nasty niffs that come from the poo of even the most beloved pooches! This mint scent is created by peppermint oil made from fresh peppermint, farmed sustainably and ethically by a UK farmer.

A fragrant and convenient way to dispose of your dog’s poop on the go!

Size: Bags, 22.5 x 33cm; Box, 3.5 x 15 x 8.5cm

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