Beco Bags with Handles 120


Beco biodegradable dog poop bags with Handles 120

  • Strong biodegradable dog poop bags
  • Large (w 18cm x l 33cm)
  • Handles for easy sealing
  • Unscented

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As a responsible dog owner, you understand how important it is to carry watertight dog poop bags and use them properly to dispose of your dog’s mess—but you may be concerned about the amount of plastic you’re disposing of in the process. Biodegradable dog poop bags are the answer!

These biodegradable dog poop bags are made by eco-champions Beco. Very strong and large, with tie handles, they’re suitable for any dog poop situation and made of degradable plastic. Wrapped on a recycled cardboard core, these biodegradable dog poop bags are unscented and dispensed from the box as singles, so are not suitable for dispensers.

Beco is an eco-friendly business that donates 5% of its profit to pet charities.

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