Bushy tail tweed Stag


  • Built-in squeaker
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 15cm x 15.5cm
  • Made from beautiful tweed, faux sheepskin, faux fur and corduroy

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Bushy Tail Tweed Stag

Stag dog toys are always popular, but this House of Paws stag dog toy with squeaker offers something extra! The built-in squeaker will keep your dog interested in this toy for hours, while its soft body makes it a comforting companion when it’s time for your dog to rest or snuggle down for the night. This stag dog toy with squeaker looks good, too, made from grey tweed with grey corduroy accents, a fluffy faux fur bushy tail and soft faux sheepskin feet, tummy and muzzle.

While it will withstand some gentle chewing and is manufactured to a high standard, our stag dog toy with squeaker isn’t indestructible! Ensure you supervise your dog while playing with this toy and any other dog toy, so that you can remove the toy if it becomes damaged or any part becomes detached.

Composition: 2% EVA, 98% POLYESTER

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Weight 89 g





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