FuzzYard Easy Feeder Fabmingo


Fabmingo Easy Feeder Pet Bowl 

    • Unusual flamingo design
    • Sturdy, no-slip rubber feet
    • Removable inner bowl
    • BPA-free outer melamine shell
    • Available in 3 sizes


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The FuzzYard Easy Feeder Fabmingo is a quirky stylish bowl. This stylish pet bowl features elegant flamingos on a sophisticated black background, ensuring your pet’s bowl is eye catching.

But it’s not all about looks. The Fabmingo Easy Feeder Pet Bowl from FuzzYard also has a host of practical features: a tough BPA-free melamine exterior, an inner removable bowl made of stainless steel (making this Easy Feeder bowl easy to clean) and non-slip rubber feet to ensure it stays put and doesn’t slip on the floor during mealtimes.

For some good meal time dishes for your pets, take a look at the variety we offer on our website.  Why not treat your fluffy friends too Flo the flamingo toy. Adding hours of extra fun.

To add some humour to your day take a look at some of other peoples furry friends enjoying their meal time.  

Did you know the best materials for dog food bowls are melamine or stainless steel. Plastic is easily scratched which causes bacterial growth, can harbor smells and can be easily picked up and chewed.
The newest alternative material for dog food bowls is silicone because of its rubber-like, non-stick qualities. It is highly heat resistant for cleaning and does not retain odors or stains.

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