FuzzYard Easy Feeder Fresh Cupcakes


Fresh Cupcakes Easy Feeder Pet Bowl Large / Medium/ Small

    • Part of FuzzYard’s Fresh Cupcakes design range
    • Durable and attractive pet bowl from FuzzYard
    • Non-slip and easy to clean
    • 100% BPA-free
    • Available in 3 sizes


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This Easy Feeder bowl, with its fun theme of tasty cupcakes, is part of the popular FuzzYard Fresh Cupcakes design range. Giving you the opportunity to give your pet and their accessories a fully coordinated look!

Looks aside, though, this bowl offers features that also make it a winner in the practical stakes. A durable, BPA-free melamine outer surrounds an inner bowl of stainless steel, which is fully removable. That makes cleaning and filling your FuzzYard Easy Feeder Fresh Cupcakes pet bowl much easier! And while your dog or cat may not care about easy cleaning, they will appreciate this bowl’s non-slip rubber feet, which will save them the wasted time and frustration involved in chasing their dinner around the floor as their bowl slides around! Just Like this furry baby!

Did you know that the best materials for your pet bowls are melamine or stainless steel. Plastic is easily scratched which causes bacterial growth, can harbour smells and can easily be picked up and chewed! One of the newest alternative material for dog food bowls is silicone because of its rubber-like, non-stick qualities. It is highly heat resistant for cleaning and does not retain odours or stains.

Available in three sizes:

Small: 15cm x 5cm

Medium: 18cm x 6.5cm

Large: 22.5cm x 8cm

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