FuzzYard Fresh Cupcakes Lead


Fresh Cupcakes Dog Lead Large / Small 

    • Stylish dog lead from FuzzYard
    • Novel cupcake design
    • Rotating clasp to prevent you and your dog getting in a tangle
    • Made from durable, quick-drying neoprene
    • Spring-loaded latch to ensure secure attachment to your dog’s collar


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The stylish FuzzYard Fresh Cupcakes Dog Lead is the perfect accompaniment to the Fresh Cupcakes collar.  Made from the same quick-drying neoprene, this lead is lightweight, durable and above all stong! Also it has a spring-loaded steel catch which ensures secure attachment to your dog’s collar and the clasp rotates 360°. This makes it easy for your dog to move and helping to prevent dog and owner tangles! As an added bonus you have a comfy padded handle loop for those long walkies.

Recommended to hand wash the FuzzYard Fresh Cupcakes lead to get the best care results and longevity .

The Fresh Cupcakes dog lead comes in two sizes:

Small: 120cm x 1.5cm

Large 140cm x 2.5cm.

Did you know?

  • Egyptians are thought to be the first to use fashion collars to decorate their pets with collars usually constructed from leather and precious metals.
  • Ancient Greek dog collars had large metal spikes sticking out away from the neck. They thought it would prevent Wolves from biting the neck if they attacked.
  • In the Middle Ages owners proved which were their pets by placing a large padlock on the dog collar that only they held the key for.
  • One of the first illustrations of a master with his dog on a lead dates back to 4 500 years before Christ, on mosaics which were found in Pompei, Italy.

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