Mcfuzz Lead by FuzzYard


McFuzz Dog Lead Large 

    • FuzzYard dog lead
    • Made from sturdy, lightweight neoprene
    • 360° rotating clasp
    • Spring-loaded latch to attach securely to your dog’s collar
    • Matches the McFuzz dog collar


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This strong, durable dog lead from FuzzYard is the ideal accompanying accessory to the McFuzz collar. This lead is made from lightweight, durable and quick-drying neoprene which means your furry friend will be comfortable wet or dry. To ensure it attaches securely to your dog’s collar FuzzYard have used a spring-loaded steel latch that rotates 360°. Because of this it allows ease of movement and prevents you and your dog getting in a tangle! The comfy hand loop means this lead won’t rub your hands while you’re out on walkies.

Mcfuzz lead by FuzzYard  should be handwashed for the best care results and longevity .

Large: 140cm x 2.5cm

Did you know?

  • Neoprene is used in wet suits for exploring the watery depths.  Resilient and UV-resistant, neoprene is perfectly suited for active use and protection that any water activities require.
  • It is used in space, Crazy, but true! NASA astronauts perform EVAs (extravehicular activities, or “space walks”) in neoprene-coated nylon. If it’s good enough for fixing the Hubble Telescope, it can  certainly stand up to all your fur baby can throw at it!
  • It is versatile and easy to work with because it requires no lining, and doesn’t fray or slip. Its resiliency means it’ll won’t stretch over time so holds its shape.


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