LickiMat Buddy Large


Large LickiMat™ – Orange/Green Mixed


    • Promotes good dental health


    • Freshens breath


    • Prevents boredom


    • Aids digestion


    • Calms your pet


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The boredom-busting LickiMat Buddy large is the ideal way to make meal and treat times a more fun and relaxed experience. Your furry friend will love to work on removing every scrap of food from its highly textured surface. You should find that it also helps remove bacteria from their tongue and in turn can freshen their breath. Licking enhances the sense of taste that stimulates saliva production as a result calming hormones are released into their system. Because of  this your fur babies will find it soothing and calming. Saliva helps to clean your dog’s teeth, gums and tongue and it contains enzymes that help your dog’s digestion.

Ideal for cats, and dogs of all sizes and ages. The Large LickiMat Buddy is perfect for small chunks, crumbs or soft foods. Why not try our Peamutt butter . This amazing mat can be used in the freezer, so it’s ideal for serving up chilled treats on warm days. You can find LickiMat recipe inspiration at

These mats come highly recommended by vets and dog behaviourists. They are ideal for relaxing and entertaining your furry friends during stressful situations such as fireworks.

Remember to supervise your fur babies for the first few times until you are sure they wont chew the mat.

Hand wash after every use.

Size: 28 x 28 cm/ 11″ x 11″

Supplied in orange or green

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Weight 260 g