Naturals Peck N Seed Swing


  • Make your feathered friends treat time more interesting
  • Delicious long lasting treat
  • Nutritious mix of 16 seeds, carrots, oyster shell, elderberries, chamomile blossoms and grains
  • Suitable for smaller birds, small parakeets and smaller parrots
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Rosewood’s Naturals Peck N Seed Swing is ideal for providing your pet bird with stimulating and a delicious, long-lasting treat. It has an inner edible core of parchment covered in a delicious, nutritious mix of 16 seeds, carrots, oyster shell, elderberries, chamomile blossoms and grains.

Because this cylinder of tasty treats comes supplied with a strong hanging hook  you can suspend it from a play stand or the roof of their home. This in turn adds to the fun as a swinging challenge. There’s also a sturdy hazelnut wood perch supplied, which can be affixed to the bottom of the swing to give your bird a handy pecking position.

Guaranteed to make your bird’s treat times more interesting and interactive. Rosewood’s Naturals Peck N Seed Swing is a long-lasting treat as well as a fun toy. This makes it the perfect addition to their home. Suitable for budgies, cockatiels and all other small parrots and parakeets. Also you can rest assure it is made from all-natural ingredients. As such you know it is a healthy choice for your feathered friend!


hazelnut wood; tunnel coating (la plata millet 18 %, manna millet 10.3 %, canary grass seed 8.7 %, silver millet 8.7 %, cardy 7.9 %, carrots 4.9 %, japanese millet 4.7 %, grass seed 3.9 %, senegalese millet 3.2 %, hemp seed 2.4 %, linseed 2.4 %, turnip rapes 2.4 %, oats 2 %, sunflower seed 2 %, buckwheat 2 %, elderberries 2 %, wheat 2 %, barley 2 %, lady’s thistle seed 2 %, rose hip seed 2 %, niger seed 1.6 %, oyster shells 1.6 %, gelatine 1.3 %, chamomile blossoms 1 %, fennel seed 0.8 %)


length 45cm (17.75″); width 13cm (5″); depth 4cm (1.5″); perch diameter 2cm (0.75″)

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