Nobby Cooling Rubber Drop Toy 9cm


Nobby Rubber Cooling Drop Toy

  • Tough rubber dog toy
  • Ideal for hot days
  • Can be filled with water and frozen
  • Soft spikes helps to clean teeth and gums
  • Helps your dog cool down

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Nobby Rubber Cooling Drop Toy

In hot weather, we all like something to cool us down, whether that’s an ice-cream or a paddling pool! Dogs are no different, and can be particularly prone to overheating, which can cause distress and illness. That’s why the Nobby Rubber Cooling Drop Toy is the ideal toy for your dog on a hot day!

This hedgehog-like drop toy is covered with soft spikes and made of tough, durable rubber to give your dog hours of chewing fun. As they chew, these spikes will help to clean their teeth and gums, helping to prevent the formation of plaque and improving their oral health.

But this exciting dog toy has more to offer than just long-lasting chewability! It can also be filled with water and frozen, providing a fun way for your dog to cool down. As your dog chews or plays and the internal ice defrosts, the water escapes through fines holes, making this a refreshing toy too!

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