P.L.A.Y. Feline Frenzy Worms


Feline Frenzy Worms Cat Toy Set of 2

    • Contains organic catnip
    • Internal reusable pouch
    • Crinkles to entertain your cat
    • Hypoallergenic fibre filling


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Worms are a quirky new Feline Frenzy addition too P.L.A.Y. cat toy collection.

Interactive playing lets your cat hone its hunting skills and the exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight. Playing with your fur baby  helps to strengthen your bond and helps to release any negative energy either of you may have. Remember cats need mental stimulation just like people do.

Super durable, with a twin-layer exterior and double-stitching to ensure they stand up to many hours of cat play.

Stuffed with crunchy crackly crinkles that make them the purrrfect toy. P.L.A.Y. give you two friendly-looking worms in the Feline Frenzy pack, one orange and one purple.

Best of all, they have a reusable pouch inside that comes pre-filled with enticing organic catnip! Did you know catnip gives your feline friend a sense of overwhelming happiness. This clip explains it in more detail Why not have a look at our kong catnip spray

You and your fur baby will have hours of fun with P.L.A.Y. Feline Frenzy Worms!

They have a hypoallergenic fibre filling and machine washable and dryer friendly with the catnip removed.

Here’s a couple of fun facts about your fury feline friends. Each cats nose pad is unique, similar to a humans finger print! Another awesome fact is that a cat can jump approximately 7 times its own height.


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