Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix

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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Tasty Mix 1.5kg

  • Delicious mix for guinea pigs of all ages
  • Contains prebiotics to support the digestive system
  • Free from added sugars
  • With added vitamins and minerals

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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix is suitable for all breeds, sizes, ages and names!  Because it is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of guinea pigs, it is super-tasty. Your little friends will come running at dinner time, whether their name is Gerty or not.

You won’t find any artificial colours, flavours, fillers or preservatives in this delicious, food. Furthermore no added sugars either, as they can lead to tooth decay for your pet. Natural sweetness is provided by flaked peas. In fact it is rich with plenty of prebiotics, natural fibre and protein from grains and pulses. As well as a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, and carefully balanced calcium: phosphorous ratio. Results in your guinea pig’s digestive system staying in top form. The Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix is bursting with goodness. It’s a truly tasty way to keep your bundle of fun healthy and happy!

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Ingredients: extruded wheat, flaked peas, flaked maize, alfalfa meal, soya bean meal, flaked wheat, whole oats, soya bean hulls, extruded maize, soya oil, wheat feed, extruded locust beans

Analysis: protein 16.0%, crude fibre 8.0%, fat content 4.0%, inorganic matter 5.0%, calcium 0.6%, phosphorus 0.5%

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