WildWash Candle Fragrance No.1


  • 60 hours burning time
  • Natural wax
  • 100% essential oils
  • GM-free, organic and certified vegan
  • British brand
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    WildWash Candle Fragrance No 1

    Ylang Ylang & Magnolia Scented Candle

    Make pet odour a thing of the past with this fabulous ylang ylang & magnolia scented candle. Made from 100% natural ingredients, (even the wick fibre is natural and lead-free) this candle is fragranced with pure essential oils to ensure there’s no synthetic smell. In addition, all components are also from sustainable and renewable sources.

    This ylang ylang & magnolia scented candle is one of four specially-formulated candles and scents from WildWash which disguise dog odours in the home. This particular ylang ylang & magnolia scented candle has a floral smell with citrus undertones, providing a stimulatingly revitalizing and ‘uplifting’ aroma.

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