WildWash Pro Detangle for Dogs and Puppies


  • pH balanced formula
  • No chemicals
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100 per cent essential oils used
  • British brand

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WildWash Pro Puppy and Dog Detangle Spray

Natural ingredient dog detangler spray

One of the hardest parts of grooming a long-haired pet is getting all those snags straightened – and which is where the dog detangler spray comes into its own.

Containing all-natural ingredients and scented with 100 per cent Neem, Rose and Chamomile essential oils, this dog detangler spray doesn’t just make life easier for you – it also has a gorgeous perfume! It also contains Camellia Japonica and Lemon Myrtle Leaf Oil for their soothing and nourishing qualities respectively.

A dog detangler spray that gets results, the WildWash formula is used by groomers, vets and dog owners around the globe. This English brand is also proud of the fact none of its products are ever tested on animals.

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