In these strange times, both you and your dog are probably living differently and spending more time cooped up indoors together! So here are our six suggestions for things you and your dog can do during lockdown to keep you both entertained.

1. We’re Going on a Treat Hunt

Okay, it’s going to be hard to get your dog to hide treats for you (unless they’re already seriously well-trained—have you thought about movie roles for them?), but another willing human might volunteer to hide treats for you too.

On the doggy side of things, check out our Natural Baked Dog Treats category and find bite-sized treats you can hide for your dog to ensure they won’t put on too much weight playing this game!

2. Amuse and Confuse

Ever fancied yourself as a magician? Get three cups and let your dog watch as you put a treat under one of them and then mix them up. Their nose will eventually lead them to the treat, of course, but moving the cups around a lot should spread the scent out enough to give your dog… paws for thought.

3. Make your Dog King of the Kong

Treat Dispensing Dog Toys offer two-in-one fun for your dog, providing stimulation and entertainment alongside tasty treats! Kong is probably the best-known manufacturer of treat dispensing dog toys and puppies will love the Kong Wubba Puppy Kong for Puppies, but we also have treat dispensing balls from Rosewood and K9 Connectables—modules that can be assembled to conceal dog treats, providing your dog with a real challenge and you with hours of amusement!

4. Go to War!

Not literally. We’re talking about tug of war, which should help both you and your dog stay fit and entertained! These days, tug toys go beyond a single simple rope, so browse our Rope and Tugging Toys section to find something that appeals to you.

Be warned that the House of Paws woodland animal rope toys are so cute, you probably won’t be able to bear the thought of tugging at their adorable little legs—even though your dog will have no such qualms!

5. Jazz up a Game of Fetch

Get out into the garden for a game of fetch with a difference. Throwing, catching and fetching doesn’t have to be done with a boring, plain old ball! We have a great selection of Tennis Ball Toys with different shapes, textures and squeakers, guaranteed to make Fetch more fun for you and your dog. Your dog will love the Plush Safari Long Toys with their tennis ball bottoms and long necks for carrying, and the Squeaky Air Kong Dumbbells.

6. Prepare for your Big Break

Finally, if you have extra time on your hands because you’re unable to work from home, why not give yourself a real challenge and train your dog (or dogs!) to perform like these adorable sausage dogs on Britain’s Got Talent? Afterwards, they might just deserve a well-earned delicious Natural Dog Treat or two!

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