Like you, our pets are part of our family and we want to give them the finest natural pet products that look great, are safe, luxurious, healthy and extremely, mouth-wateringly tasty. But finding the best products and researching promising brands takes time, with so many websites to look at and reviews to read.

Real nutrition comes from real food, and the products that we give to, and put on, our pets, can impact their health. Synthetic chemicals cause many of us concern and natural pet products are the healthy and safe choice. They are also the most environmentally-friendly solution to keeping our pets happy, comfortable and full of vitality.

With this in mind, with our love of pets and of all things natural, we decided to combine the two and invest our time and energy into doing all the research so that you don't have to.

We looked at hundreds of different websites and brands, all claiming to sell natural and environmentally-friendly foods, treats, leads, collars, beds, toys and all manner of other natural pet products to keep our pets well-fed, entertained and loved. From all these options we selected the best in each category.

The Natural Pet Store is the result of all this research and it's where you can find the best of the best natural pet products that are available in the UK. It's a one-stop-shop where you can buy everything you might need for your pet from the finest, chemical-free mouth-watering treats to the softest, most comfortable beds made from natural fibres that will make your pet feel safe and loved.

The best natural pet products


All our products are as natural as possible, with nothing artificial or unnecessary in anything we sell, all made with the finest materials or ingredients. We wouldn't expect your pets to tolerate anything that we wouldn't tolerate in our own foods and products.

What's more, we'll make it our mission to give you world-class customer service, with real pet-loving people, always available to help, super-fast delivery and a money-back guarantee. High street service with online convenience.

So don't struggle on, feeling guilty and feeding your pet processed foods and treats that you have your doubts about. Don't let her play with dangerous toys that break up into choke hazards… or chew on undigestible raw hide that can cause serious internal blockages.

Be your pet's hero.

Make them feel loved, happy, satisfied and healthy. See their eyes light up and their tails start wagging when our package arrives and you open it together. Share your adventures with us using the hashtag #thenaturalpetstore and follow us here on Facebook and here for Instagram.

And at the same time, rest in the knowledge that your purchases are helping to protect the environment.


Our Vision

To give your pets high-quality products that are great for their wellbeing and great for the environment, while combining high street service and online convenience.


Our Promise

We won't stock anything at the Natural Pet Store that we wouldn't happily give to our own dogs and cats. If we wouldn't choose it for our own family, we wouldn't ask you to.

Our Brand Mission

Fur babies. Pampered pooches. Four-legged friends. Mollycoddled moggies.

Whatever you call your pets, we know you want to give them the best products you can find. From their yummy breakfast in the morning to the bed they snuggle up in at night, and all the toys and treats they enjoy in between; they deserve the finest things in life, whether they're at work, rest or play.

That's why we started the Natural Pet Store.
All our products are as natural as possible, made with the finest materials or ingredients - there's nothing artificial or unnecessary in anything we sell. After all, you wouldn't tolerate that in your food, drink or gadgets, so why should your furry friends?

Don't be Ruff on the Environment

It's not just your pets that benefit from our focus on quality. With an emphasis on choosing items that are not massed produced and, where possible, made in Britain, we can help keep your carbon paw print as low as possible.

Offer Service that's Best in Class

Quality products would be nothing
without quality service. There are real people behind the Natural Pet Store, and we care about you and your pets. We're on hand to offer clear, simple advice about all the products we offer, combining the hands-on, personal service you'd expect from a high street store with the convenience of online ordering. We can guarantee we'll get your tail wagging!