Why You Should Say No to Rawhide

While rawhide chews have been popular for many years, more information has come to light in recent years that should make you rethink what you’re feeding to your cats and dogs.

A number of risks have been proven that not only make rawhide chews bad, but also dangerous in some circumstances! These risks include:

  • choking hazards
  • digestive issues
  • contamination
  • intestinal blockages
  • damage to teeth

What is rawhide?

Rawhide is made from the inner layer of either cow or horse hides, which is their skin. The outer layer is used to make leather products for humans such as clothing, and the inner layer is treated and dehydrated before being turned into the dog chews we’re all familiar with.

Why is it dangerous?

During the manufacturing process, highly toxic chemical substances are used and traces of these harmful substances often remain on the chews leading to digestive issues and allergic reactions in some pets. And as these chews are not officially classified as food, there is little to no regulation surrounding production.

What are the alternatives?

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom! Vets and pet companies alike have all been working together over the past couple of years to develop safe alternatives that your pets will enjoy with none of the risks associated with rawhide. And this is where The Natural Pet Store come in! Not only is our store full of healthy and tasty rawhide alternatives, but we absolutely refuse to even stock rawhide related products. Instead we opt to support brands who have your pets best interest in mind like Green & Wilds, Anco, Soopa, JR Pet Products, Hollings and more!

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