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Natural Dog Bedding

Natural Dog Bedding made for canine comfort and the environment in mind

Dogs large and small will love our range of dog beds, duvets and more. Selected for both quality and comfort in mind, and, as you would expect from The Natural Pet Store, recycled and eco-friendly materials play a  crucial role in much of the natural dog bedding items we offer. Many of the beds are designed and manufactured in the UK to further reduce their carbon footprint. This natural dog bedding is also very stylish, and certainly won’t look out of place in any room in the home, so you’ll love it too!

Top quality manufacturing standards mean durability and longevity, and bedding that doesn’t have to be replaced so often is also kinder to the planet. If you like variety in your life, look for the reversible beds – these can be easily turned inside out to create a completely different look in a matter of seconds! All the beds, duvets and blankets are machine washable, so can be kept looking good and just as importantly, clean and hygienic. Many of the beds and duvets have removable covers or cushions which makes them even easier to care for. They’re colour-safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Double stitching, tough plush fabrics, eco-friendly cottons and stuffing that’s made from recycled materials are all to be found in our natural bedding range.

Whether your dog prefers a high sided bed or a duvet style bed, we are confident that there will be something here to suit them. To complete your dog’s bedtime ensemble, take a look in our Natural Clothing Range for some cosy pyjamas to keep them extra warm!