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Natural Dog Food

Natural dog food for happy, healthy pets

Here at The Natural Pet Store, we’re passionate about feeding the best healthy and natural diets to our own pets and are therefore very particular about selecting the dog food products we offer for sale on our website. Top class natural dog food starts with quality ingredients, followed by gentle and natural preparation to ensure all the precious nutrients are preserved as much as possible. We also consider the high importance of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging in order to help the environment.

Grain-free and Hypoallergenic 

There are many kinds of dog food to choose from, wet, dry, in trays, cans, or in bags, for puppies, adults, senior dogs and even for those dogs who require a hypoallergenic diet.

Grain free dog food is widely available and suits those with allergies and food intolerances, and vegetables are often included to add variety and extra vitamins. Special diets are often recommended by veterinarians to help with particular medical conditions and there are even food choices for those canines that need to lose weight!

Dog Foods Containing Natural Supplements

Diets can also be tailored to include natural dog supplements, so if your dog is in need of a boost, we have a selection of these in our Natural Dog Supplements Section. If you are looking for something to entice fussy diners, then the inclusion of a natural and tasty extra in the form of a topper can be added to the food. These are to be found in our Natural Dog Treats section.