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Chewing Dog Toys

Satisfying a dog’s urge to chew

Dogs love to chew, and some toys are better than others for this!

Natural materials, such as the 100% cotton in our rope and tugging toys can safely satisfy the urge to chew, although of course toys should always be closely monitored to ensure they remain undamaged and therefore safe. Cotton rope dog toys have an added benefit in that they also gently clean the teeth as the dog chews on the fibres, scraping away plaque and tartar with every bite.

Natural hardwood sticks, such as the GoodWood Coffee Tree Wood Stick, made from natural wood are extremely safe, satisfying and long-lasting.

For gentle chewers, some of the tough plush dog toys can prove useful, many of them having textures and rope limbs and again, these materials can help to clean the teeth.

Edible and natural chews

For committed chewers, the very best options are the edible chews. Although not essentially toys, the very best ones are tough and long lasting. For a great choice of edible chews, take a look in our Natural Dog Chews Section, where you’ll find a fantastic range of chews ideal for treating your best friend.

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